Mitsar EEG Amplifiers

Mitsar manufactures high quality and affordable EEG amplifiers to acquire, display and store the electrical activity of a patient’s brain to aid in diagnosis (FDA 510K K143233). Mitsar is the perfect fit for hospitals, neurologists, research and clinical office settings.

The Mitsar 201 and 202 models are designed for the recording and analysis of the encephalogram with 19 or 32 active channels. Additionally the Mitsar can be utilized for video monitoring and evoked (event related) potentials. Included software makes it a complete solution for QEEG analysis and guiding neurofeedback. Nova Tech EEG is the exclusive North America & South America distributor of Mitsar products.

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Smart BCI Microbox

SmartBCI is a high-resolution wireless innovative solution for EEG, BCI and Neurofeedback, which has been designed for practical research applications and recording extreme EEG in peak performance settings. Continuous monitoring with video capturing is ideal for out-door and ambulatory EEG investigations. SmartBCI is wireless, ultra-small & light-weight hardware for brain electrical activity recording.

21 Ag/AgCl scalp electrodes are pre-positioned according to the international 10-20 electrodes placement systems. *Bluetooth, Micro SD memory card, and 24 channels.

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Education and Training Courses

Nova Tech EEG offers a combination of scientific expertise and hands-on experience with multiple platforms of hardware and software to offer you a comprehensive training curriculum through workshops, private on-site trainings or longer distance consultation.

Our services include a report service utilizing the Human Brain Indices reference database for continuous QEEG and ERP along with neurofeedback recommendations. Custom analysis and research design are available.

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